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Who’s your favourite book character and why
One of my favourite authors is Dr Seuss. I like his books because they rhyme and they make me laugh. So that’s why me and my friends (Zara, Caitlyn, Annabel and I) are going to be the very mischievous characters thing 1, 2, 3 and 4.

We choose these characters because we wanted to go as a group and we felt that this was a obvious choice. The costume was easy enough and we even scored a sleepover out of it.

Throughout the book they form a relationship with the girl and the boy ( Sally and Tom) they meet them by causing mischief. The things ran into Sally and Tom in the children's house and it just so happened to be that their mother was away, thing 1 and two rearranged the whole house painting the walls with strawberry milk and doing other things similar. All I can say is it was a big mess and we have big shoes to fill.

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