2017 Athletics Reflection

I used a growth mindset regularly by, when I failed the very first jump in high jump I realized that I jumped way to early and I made sure I didn’t have the same outcome. In the end I jumped one metre and was proud of myself.

At the start of the day my goal was to get either a 1st,2nd or 3rd. I completed my goal in sprints. At sprints I competed in the 80 metre race, there were only a few of us so it was a straight final. I got third, I was over the moon.

I represented Rimu (my house) in the house relays. I hope I made Rimu proud.

I feel I did well at sprints because I was really nervous and I wanted to get a placing so I ran as fast as my legs could go and ended up finishing third.

The most challenging event was long jump because it was my first event and I was both anxious and excited. Plus long jump isn’t my strong point and I wanted to make it one but I didn’t. In this event I was not proud of my efforts.

I am most proud of all events because I feel I tried my hardest all throughout the day.

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