Coming Up

WALT: identify writing processes that are appropriate for that purpose.

I woke up to a rooster. I live on a farm and I think it was trying to tell me to get up. I had had a horrible sleep, it was so windy last night. But when I looked outside it had surprisingly cleared up.  

I was on my way to another farm. I was delivering them a lot of hay. I had to take the long route through the forest to get there because there was road works. When I looked at my very old watch I realized two things. One, I needed a new watch and two, I’d better hurry up if I wanted to get there in time.

As I was trying not to go over the speed limit I went across what looked like a very old bridge. As I looked down I saw a lot and I mean a lot of kids playing in the river. Then suddenly CRACK I was falling and falling and falling until SPLASH I hit the water in such shock. I didn’t know what was happening. It felt like I was sinking down and suddenly I stopped sinking and everything went black.

                                                       Half an hour later

When I opened my eyes I was lying on the rocks near the water. Someone was standing looking over me like I was some weirdo. I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing there. As time went by I was able to stand up I asked a few questions and thanked David, Jake and the guy who gave me mouth to mouth.

David and Jake told me what had happened. I was driving along the bridge and my truck fell through and I sunk to the bottom of the river. They worked together to pull me out of my truck and  save me and a guy gave me mouth to mouth.

I rang the farmer that I was supposed to be delivering hay to and told him what had happened. He forgave me and then the next day we were back in business and the road works were gone so I didn’t have to go through the forest again.

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